Leaking Sewage Pipe Repaired at Wastewater Treatment Facility

Wastewater facilities, as you could imagine, process some of the most corrosive and aggressive liquids through their pipe systems daily. Consequently, the corrosion damage occurring in these water and wastewater handling systems is estimated at more than $30 billion each year alone.(1)

When the sewage intake pipe at a wastewater facility began leaking, they were looking at a $300,000 replacement, which would mean major down-time of the plant. Luckily, ENECON provided them with an incredible alternative solution that was both economical and effective, for as little as $4,000!

To begin, the surface of the pipe was manually prepared by removing problematic areas such as rust and debris. Any cracks or holes in the pipe were filled and sealed with DurAlloy, curing to a metal-hard material, without the use of any heat. The pipe was then reinforced with DuraWrap, our carbon fiber pipe wrap system. The strength and durability provided by this carbon fiber technology leaves the pipe protected and reinforced

(1) http://www.wwdmag.com/corrosion/controlling-corrosion


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